Cape Jaffa Marina

The Cape Jaffa Marina, located on South Australia’s south east coastline underwent a development of over 600 lots of land for both residential and commercial operations.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged for master planning advisory services from environmental studies, land use scoping through to developing the detailed design of civil infrastructure and services. Environmental coastal investigations on sand movement, sea level rise, tidal flushing, groundwater modelling and marine ecology surveys were also conducted. Social impact studies were also undertaken to assess possible effects of the development on the local community and region.

A range of other engineering services were provided which included detailed design for all service infrastructure including an onsite treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, electrical services and telecom services.

During project construction, efficiencies were identified including cost management and verifying design. A key design point implemented for time and resourcing efficiency was the utilisation of existing materials from the site. This approach to design involved fabricating reconstituted limestone blocks for the water edge treatment construction.

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