Gillman Master Plan

Owned by Renewal SA, Gillman and Dry Creek were identified as a fundamental component of future employment land supply for Western Adelaide in the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. The area was envisaged as being an employment hub that provided an affordable and attractive environment for businesses, workers and visitors.

A project was initiated to support this plan, in which Tonkin Consulting worked alongside with Jensen Planning + Design to investigate the service infrastructure headworks required to serve potential development.

Key objectives included the identification of land that is developable for employment uses, the preparation of an implementable master plan to guide future delivery of employment land, provide a process to effectively engage with key stakeholders and members of the community and provide an information base that could be easily translated into planning policy through a Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

Tonkin Consulting communicated with service authorities to understand their regional planning requirements and construction lead times. A gap analysis, stormwater modelling and traffic modeling were also conducted to determine the best project solutions for various stages of work.

Project Summary


Renewal SA


Gillman and Dry Creek, South Australia


In development

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