Greater Edinburgh Parks Stormwater Strategy

The 30 year Plan for Greater Metropolitan Adelaide identified that Greater Edinburgh Parks (GEP) could meet the future demand for industry land. With the GEP area expected to become a world class industrial precinct, a stormwater management strategy was essential to address flood risk, water quality, water reuse and environmental protection and enhancement.

Tonkin Consulting was awarded the multi-disciplinary project with a major part being extensive consultation with the many stakeholders throughout the 34km² catchment area. Other responsibilities also included environmental investigations including groundwater, land zoning, flora and fauna and soil contamination. The project presented many challenges which included developing an alignment and locating detention basins that met requirements of the stakeholders, minimised compulsory land acquisition and was hydraulically functional. Other challenges included Meeting the Royal Australian Air Force’s requirement of no standing water within a 2km radius of their base due to risk of bird strike and managing the conflict of the stormwater channel with the Bolivar Outfall Channel.

Tonkin Consulting identified constraints and opportunities and developed a strategy to understand the likely infrastructure costs, allowing council to develop infrastructure deeds with developers in the area.

Project Summary


City of Playford


Playford, South Australia




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