Holdfast-Marion Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Holdfast Bay and Marion collaborated to develop a Stormwater Management Plan due to a significant proportion of the Marion Catchment running through the City of Holdfast Bay. The plan needed to identify strategies, actions and programs for the Councils to become ‘water sensitive cities’. The plan also needed to address the significant growth expected on the catchment area over the next 30 years which would place additional strain on the existing drainage system.

The development of innovative solutions were required due to the built-up nature of the catchment which restricted space for typical water quality improvement devices such as wetlands.

The plan delivered to the Councils investigated a number of areas including how new EPA water quality improvement targets can be met in a highly urbanised catchment with largely impermeable soil types, how the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide can be implemented and recommendations of on-site retention techniques. Potential flooding was also assessed with TuFlow two dimensional flood plain modelling.


  • The plan received widespread recognition and an IPWEA Excellence Award

Project Summary


Cities of Holdfast Bay and Marion


Metropolitan South-West Adelaide



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