Kingscote Airport

Tonkin Consulting has been involved with Kangaroo Island Airport since undertaking an infrastructure study for the future development of the island. The potential for increased visitation, particularly by overseas and interstate tourists, was recongised as a major component of future local economic activity. As Kingscote Airport is one of two major entry points onto Kangaroo Island, the other being a ferry service, the efficiency of air services is crucial for future development and growth.

Tonkin Consulting initially conducted an infrastructure study and produced a report that defined the infrastructure requirements for the entire landside and airside upgrades, as well as costing. Following a successful funding application, Tonkin Consulting has also been engaged for airside upgrades which include maintaining the existing 30m runway width, upgrade apron and provide positions for larger aircrafts, review and upgrade existing edge lighting and apron flood lighting, review stormwater drainage requirements across the site and review requirements for refuelling facility.

Upon completion, the airport is expected to bring more than 30,000 additional visitors to the island and inject almost $30 million into the local economy. 

Project Summary


Kangaroo Island Council


Kingscote, Kangaroo Island


Second stage in development

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