Long Term Plan for Greater Adelaide

The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide report launched by Department of Planning and Local Government provided a long-term vision for the future of the Greater Adelaide Region including population and dwelling projections for the period 2008 to 2038. Tonkin Consulting was commissioned by SA Water Corporation to utilise these population and dwelling projections for the purposes of both water supply and wastewater master planning across the Greater Adelaide region, with a particular focus on the assessment of Treatment Plant Capacities (Water and Wastewater).

Tonkin Consulting developed GIS tools which enabled the allocation of additional population, dwellings and employment to nominated areas within the Greater Adelaide Region for analysis. The data was exported and utilised to estimate the future water demands and wastewater production at each of the water and wastewater treatment plants within the Greater Adelaide area. Estimates of the water demand and watewater production for 2038 were used to predict the likelihood and timing of the water and wastewater treatment plants reaching capacity during the planning period.

The planning has provided SA Water Corporation with valuable insight into those treatment plants that may require upgrading during the planning period and the possible requirements for construction of new plants.

Project Summary


SA Water Corporation


Adelaide and Surrounds, South Australia



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