Lower Brown Hill Creek Upgrade

The City of West Torrens needed to address a Stormwater Management Plan for the Brown Hill Keswick Creek catchment. The plan recommended an upgrade to the Lower Brown Hill Creek channel from Anzac Highway to the confluence with Keswick Creek in order to prevent properties flooding.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged to complete the feasibility and concept design stages of the upgrade and provide assistance during the community consultation phase. A number of issues were considered during design stages of the project including heritage, planning, geotechnical properties and biodiversity.

A number of options were developed and modelled hydraulically to determine the approximate footprint required to accommodate the design capacity. Options have included line concrete channels, underground culverts, wide earth channels and stepped rock-lined channels. The options have been assessed in terms of cost, constructability, environmental benefits, community benefits and maintenance. A new culvert through existing roads was analysed as an alternative to a main channel upgrade.

Project Summary


City of West Torrens


Adelaide Eastern Suburbs, South Australia



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