Lucky Bay Common User Facility

The Lucky Bay harbour located in the Eyre Peninsula required augmentation to accommodate containers of ore being loaded onto barges, transported to sea and transferred to cape-size vessels for overseas markets. This augmentation was required to enable the extension of an iron export operation.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged to provide engineering advice which included an environmental assessment of the local area, assessing the coastal processes and tide movements. This assessment allows for possible impacts of changing the coastline for the planned development to be understood. Tonkin Consulting developed a detailed dredging and maintenance plan to manage the work and seek approvals to deepen the harbour.

Current freight and logistics between the harbour and mine site were also assessed to determine the most efficient operation mode. Upgrading the existing road network and creating dedicated haul roads were found to be the most viable option. Supporting infrastructure for handling product onshore in the harbour was also designed and documented. This involved the management of geotechnical and environmental site constraints, aesthetic obligations and budget.

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