Mortlock Terrace Flood Mitigation Options Study

The Mortlock Terrace Flood Mitigation Option Study investigated a range of flood mitigation options to reduce the frequency of flooding in the vicinity of a trapped low spot in Liverpool Street, in Port Lincoln’s Central Business District.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged by the City of Port Lincoln as their Stormwater Management Plan highlighted the flooding issue. As the plan was based on fairly simplistic modelling, a more rigorous modelling approach was required to allow for an informed decision on the development of flood mitigation works.

A report was delivered to council that provided a summary of all investigations that were undertaken with recommendations to upgrade the pump station. This report formed a basis for presentations to council staff and elected members. The Council has now passed a resolution to upgrade the existing pump station and future works will see Tonkin Consulting upgrading Port Lincoln’s Stormwater Management Plan.

Project Summary


City of port Lincoln


Liverpool Terrace, Port Lincoln



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