Northward Fill Landfill Environmental Management Plan

Tonkin Consulting has provided a range of consulting engineering services to Transpacific Waste Management which includes specialist technical advice, design, construction supervision and environmental plans. On an annual basis, Tonkin Consulting undertakes an annual review and update of the Landfill Environmental Management Plan which incorporates site operating changes.

Tonkin Consulting’s scope of work has included developing and updating monitoring programs and contingency plans for all aspects of site management. This includes environmental considerations for site management and operations, stormwater and erosion management, landfill gas management, community issues and post closure management. Tonkin Consulting has also engaged the design and documentation of the base lining and leachate management system for groundwater protection.

The facility received the inaugural WMAA National Landfill Silver Award in recognition of its excellence in siting, design and operation.

Project Summary


Transpacific Waste Management


Inkerman, South Australia



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