Pike Inundation Flood Measures

As part of the South Australian Riverine Floodplain Integrated Infrastructure Program (SARFIIP), Tonkin Consulting was engaged to undertake an options assessment to progress the development of management actions within the Pike Floodplain. The project is one part of a range of infrastructure and management plans to optimise the use of water for environmental and ecological benefits.

Management and on-ground works was carefully selected with a range of ecological risks and benefits, engineering constraints and cultural heritage environment being considered.

Tonkin Consulting was responsible for extensive geotechnical investigations, analysis and reporting, extensive ecological risk assessment and investigation as well as the development of an operational regime for flow management and floodplain inundation to optimise ecological benefits.

Value was added with an ecological risk management assessment due to an indication that acid sulfate soils (ASS) were present. Tonkin Consulting conducted an assessment to determine the presence, likelihood of it occurring at other regulator sites and recommendations for ongoing construction management.

With a collaborative approach, the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources has successfully advanced the SARFIIP works within the Pike Floodplain.

Project Summary


Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR)


Riverland, South Australia




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