Pipers Crest

Tonkin Consulting was engaged by Lanser Communities on behalf of Braemar Heights to assist in preparing a land division layout plan that considered the natural topography of the site to provide optimal lot yields for the development. A stormwater management plan was also developed to define the stormwater management philosophy for dealing with flows and water quality from the site, as the site is located adjacent the Angas River. 

Water quality was a key consideration with strict limits imposed from Council and the Natural Resources Management catchment authority. Detailed modeling was undertaken to confirm that the Water Sensitive Urrban Design (WSUD) principles that were proposed would achieve all the stakeholder objectives. A services matsterplan was also developed for the site. This masterplan highlighted constraints in Council’s downstream sewer catchments, which were solved by undertaking augmentation works to the existing wastewater treatment plant and collection network with new pump stations required.

To date over 70 lots have been constructed over multiple stages, which has been administered and managed by Tonkin Consulting, including a feature lake reserve with barbeque, tennis court and playground for the benefit and enjoyment of the local community.  Future stages will include a new entry boulevard including an updated intersection, improving access to the site and transport in the region.

Project Summary


Lanser Communities


Strathalbyn, SA



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