Prospect Road - the Village Heart

Jensen Planning was responsible for developing the Master Plan for Prospect, nominating the stretch of Prospect Road between Rose and Olive Streets, the ‘Village Heart’ of Prospect.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged to provide engineering design for the new streetscape and stakeholder consultation with stakeholders including planners and council. Major considerations for the development of the project included the establishment of optimum road/footpath levels, particularly to ensure that shopfronts were safe from heavy rain events. Traffic management, as well as phone, water and gas services being a consideration.

The project delivered a new streetscape with wide footpaths creating a more pedestrian-friendly area. The projects innovative design won three awards for its contribution to the community and excellence in design.


  • From Plan to Place Award, Planning Institute Australia SA for Prospect Road 'Village Heart'
  • Minister's Award, Planning Institute Australia SA for Prospect Road 'Village Heart'
  • Winner of the 2012 IPWEA Excellence Awards – Excellence in Design and / or Construction of a Public Works Project

Project Summary


City of Prospect


Prospect, South Australia



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