Roxby Downs Subdivisions A-D

Tonkin Consulting has been involved with the expansion of Roxby Downs from inception which began with initial site selection and master planning, followed by detailed civil and electrical design through to onsite construction. Tonkin Consulting was engaged for a further stage of subdivision, with 290 allotments having been completed and a further 300 ready for construction.

Tonkin Consulting’s scope of works included the master planning of the development including the provision of input into reviewing allotment layouts, preliminary road design, preliminary sewer design, preliminary electrical design, general servicing and detailed stormwater investigation. The scope also included detailed design, tender call, construction supervision and construction administration.

The development has a capital cost estimated at over $35 million. With various subdivisions complete with houses built, and further subdivisions nearing completion with housing construction.

Project Summary


BHP Billiton


Roxby Downs, South Australia



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