Sunlands Irrigation Pump Station

Operated by the Central Irrigation Trust (CIT), The Sunlands Irrigation Scheme sources water from the Sunlands Pump Station, located in Waikerie, South Australia. The pump station provides River Murray water to 78 irrigators, two industrial customers and 175 domestic customers. Due to pipework age and deterioration, the CIT initiated the replacement of a significant proportion of the pipeline network.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged to project manage and deliver the detailed design of the Sunlands Pipeline Replacement Project’s upgrade works to continue providing non-potable water to the community.

The project scope included hydraulic modelling and design of the replacement sections. The replacement network needed to integrate with the existing network to provide a minimum flow and pressure to each of the 278 irrigators. The completion of the project will ensure that irrigators, industrial and residential consumers of the water will have a continued supply of water.

Project Summary


Central Irrigation Trust


Sunlands, South Australia


Due for completion late 2017

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