Sunraysia Modernisation Project

With Federal Government funding, Lower Murray Water addressed the need for an upgrade for a range of irrigation infrastructure with the view to reduce the amount of irrigation water drawn from the River Murray.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged by Leed Engineering & Construction for the detailed design of all infrastructure outside of the pump stations which included hydraulic modelling (including surge) and design of the trunk main, valving (isolation, air and scour), thrust restraint, pressure reducing installations, trench reinstatement, flow meters and pipework connections.

Tonkin Consulting addressed unusual aspects during design such as the method through which the irrigation customers needed to be connected to the new supply system. As the customers were gravity fed, the supply pressure needed to be very low, with a “fail-safe” pressure protection system. Tonkin Consulting rationalised the number of branches off the main and developed a “cluster” design. The design utilised an overflow tank and pressure reducing valve system to centralise pressure reduction and provide fail-safe protection.

Project Summary


Leed Engineering & Construction, Lower Murray Water


Mildura, Victoria



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