Hargraves Pump Station

Following several years of stormwater capacity upgrades to a major urban catchment in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, Tonkin Consulting conducted a final stage of upgrades consisting of a major pump station.

The new pump station was a complex multi-disciplinary engineering project with significant site constraint challenges encountered. Challenges included close proximity to neighbouring houses, poor ground conditions, shallow groundwater, available land area and existing infrastructure.

To overcome these challenges, a number of approaches were developed which included the early procurement of pumps as a separate tender process, separate generators to overcome power supply concerns, secant piling to reduce stormwater inflows and gantry cranes to improve operation and maintenace. Another feature was the utilisation of three-dimensional modelling software for the design of the pump station to ensure the various complex elements of the design fit together as intended. The software also provided three-dimensional images of the pump station used in communication with stakeholders. The Tonkin Consulting team assisted during the procurement process and acted as superintendent on site.


  • The Stormwater Pump Station received an IPWEA Excellence Award

Project Summary


City of Port Adelaide Enfield


Peterhead, South Australia


In development

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