Virginia Grove - Recognised as Best Masterplanned Land Development by UDIA SA

Tonkin Consulting worked collaboratively with Lanser Communities to assist in revising the Playford Development Plan to accommodate rezoning of the Virginia area. The rezoning is part of the State Government’s vision for land development in the 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide.

This involved negotiating an approvals pathway with both levels of government (state and local) to achieve a sustainable development strategy for more than 2,000 allotments over a 15-year period.

Infrastructure requirements were a key concern for the development and Tonkin Consulting determined a cost model that demonstrated cost contributions for water, gas, sewer, stormwater and road infrastructure.

The Virginia Grove Land Development is in the rezoned area and includes approximately 800 allotments, located to the north of Adelaide. To date Tonkin Consulting, has undertaken the detailed design of 340 residential allotments, with construction of the first 200 lots currently underway. 

Additional engineering challenges included the acoustic attenuation of Port Wakefield Road, which resulted in a landscaped mound adjacent the western boundary and incorporation of the upstream stormwater catchment of Smith Creek. The stormwater solution included provision of a new open channel extending west to connect into the existing Smith Creek outfall.

Project Summary




Virginia, South Australia



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