Waterproofing Playford

The City of Playford developed ‘Waterproofing Playford’, an Integrated Water Management Plan to conserve water through various innovative water management policies, strategies and projects. The council identified six major supply areas in addition to several community bores to serve a total of 106 new customers consisting of 80 parklands, reserves and sports fields, as well as 26 schools.

Tonkin Consulting was engaged to carry out the concept design of the distribution network using hydraulic modelling. The scope included water hammer analysis of the network at various implementation stages. Tonkin Consulting was required to assist with design requirements and application for additional government funding.

The project discovered a major opportunity to reduce capital expenditure without comprising on connection numbers and service delivery. Further benefits were provided with performance optimisation that minimised the need for larger infrastructure requirements, such as pumps and additional pipelines.

Project Summary


City of Playford


Northern Adelaide Suburbs, South Australia



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