Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals

Careful management needs to be ensured when dealing with disturbances to our natural resources and environment. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide solutions that meet statutory obligations and sustainable objectives. We offer a range of services from negotiating and obtaining environmental approvals to monitoring environmental impacts for industries.

At Tonkin Consulting, our experienced team of engineers, scientists and technicians are highly skilled at working across projects to provide a succinct multi-disciplinary approach to address all aspects of a project. We have an innate understanding about the natural environment and factors that can effect it.

At Tonkin Consulting, we have experience providing environmental impact assessments and approvals for industries including mining, agriculture, road and transport infrastructure projects. We have in house soil and water sciences specialists to perform site baseline assessments, ongoing monitoring and impact assessments. Our integrated approach utilises internal capabilities including geographical information systems, roads, traffic, stormwater, civil, environmental and geotechnical services. 

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