Land Development

Continuously working to develop sustainable housing and developments is imperative for our communities. We have a reputation for well-planned developments that take into consideration the topography and surrounding environment, while also meeting financial and performance expectations. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide land division services through to the development of residential communities.

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists and technicians offer services in managing the complete project lifecycle. We have developed a reputation as leaders in the delivery of infrastructure and land development. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide infrastructure and planning services for urban, rural and industrial land division projects. 

Our Capabilities

  • Urban Development
  • Master planning and engineering of civil infrastructure
  • Public realm spaces
  • Development assessment advice
  • Flood assessment and advice
  • Stormwater management
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic and Transport Planning
    • Transport planning
    • Road safety audits
    • Integration of pedestrians and low impact transport
  • Infrastructure Design
    • Road and pavement design
    • Earthworks and open space
    • Water sensitive urban design
    • Wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and reuse
    • Stormwater management, harvesting and reuse
  • Utility Services Management
    • Infrastructure design according to utility requirements
    • Electrical and communications reticulation
    • Water and wastewater pump stations and reticulation
  • Environmental
    • Environmental site history
    • Soil assessment and groundwater monitoring
    • Human health and ecological risk assessment
    • Contamination management and remediation

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