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Waste management & landfill engineering

Waste management & landfill engineering

Waste Management & Landfill Engineering

Tonkin Consulting has been providing waste management services for 20 years to private sector companies, waste authorities, regulatory bodies and Local Government. We have maintained a role at the cutting edge of landfill engineering and design and recently we have been involved in developing innovative solutions for capping of landfills using phytocaps.  

We provide services for both routine design and construction of landfill infrastructure and strategic or innovative projects which help to deliver critical site performance, economic and environmental outcomes. 


  • Planning and strategy: Airspace demand forecasting, life of site OPEX and CAPEX estimates, closure and post closure planning, site extension and/or rationalisation 
  • Facility design and documentation: Mineral, geo-synthetic and composite liners, leachate drainage systems, site water management, general site infrastructure, resource recovery facilities 
  • Facility Construction: CQA inspection,  As Constructed reporting and / or certification – HDPE membrane liners for ponds and landfill cell baseliners 
  • Closure design and planning: Phytocap and traditional landfill capping design and documentation, phytocap feasibility review, closure and post closure management plans, closure liability estimation and budget forecasting, site redevelopment and reclamation 
  • Environmental Assessment & Management: site investigations and risk assessment; emissions monitoring and reporting (compliance monitoring and NGERS) auditing, environment management plans development and/or updating
  • Landfill Gas: investigations, emission estimates, cap oxidation studies, risk assessments and  management plans

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