Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal

The collection and disposal of wastewater in a safe manner is critical to maintaining the standards required in our communities. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide planning, design and delivery of wastewater infrastructure. We provide advice and design solutions to collect, treat and dispose of wastewater from dense urban environments, industrial facilities and localised rural systems.

Our team of professional engineers, scientists and technical officers are highly skilled in the water management industry and provide industry leading service and advice. We are dedicated to finding effective and suitable solutions for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater.

At Tonkin Consulting, we provide both planning, design and construction of new infrastructure, as well as ongoing operational support. We provide ongoing delivery and optimisation of existing water and wastewater services including collection, treatment and disposal. Our experience ranges from planning and investigation studies through to upgrades and extensions of treatment facilities and asset management.

Our Capabilities

  • Sewer system planning and design
  • Community wastewater management schemes (CWMS)
  • Wastewater reuse planning and design
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Detailed design for wastewater collection networks, pumping stations wastewater treatment plants, storage lagoons and reuse irrigation systems
  • Design specifications, contract documentation and contract administration services
  • Planning, design and construction of infrastructure for community wastewater management systems
  • Planning and investigation studies
  • Independent review of treatment facilities and community wastewater management systems networks
  • Community wastewater management systems network extensions
  • Irrigation Management Plan development and implementation for existing and new irrigation areas
  • Recycled Water Management Plan development
  • Tracking and review of operation and maintenance records of existing water and wastewater systems
  • Regular monitoring and water sample collection
  • Asset management including the addition of community wastewater management systems into existing asset management systems
  • Upgrades and extensions of community wastewater management systems networks and treatment facilities
  • Wastewater Irrigation Management Plans (WIMP)
    • Understanding the quality and quantity of wastewater and the environment at the proposed site and surrounding sensitive receptors. This approach minimizes potential impacts to the site and surrounding environment
    • Ensuring the size of the irrigation infrastructure and irrigation area will provide for current and future loads using hydraulic and nutrient loading models. These models also enable an understanding of design sensitivity to changes in external factors such as climate, wastewater production, quality and crop type

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