A snapshot into Port Lincoln

23 June 2017

The London Street Bridge project will see a major transformation for the main arterial route that connects communities from Port Lincoln and Kirton Point.

Constructed in 1925, the London Street Bridge has provided a key link between Kirton Point and the city of Port Lincoln communities for over 90 years. The bridge has meant motorists benefit from direct crossing points between local businesses – without the bridge, members of the community would face significant diversions in their daily travels.

Due to its significant usage as a main access point since its development, the bridge has all but reached the end of its design life. Since 2012, the bridge has had restricted access with a load limit of ten tonne. Legally loaded heavy vehicles have not been able to use the bridge and the configuration does not meet current road safety and bridge standards.

Tonkin Consulting assisted Council in preparing a detailed funding application for the replacement of the bridge as part of the Australian Government’s Bridge Renewal Program (BRP) and successfully secured funding to deliver the project.  

Tonkin Consulting has been engaged to provide ongoing support to the City of Port Lincoln and are delivering all stages of the project, with responsibilities including:

  • Preparation of the business case for funding application
  • Structural assessment
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Detailed design
  • Superintendency services

Due to be completed in October of this year, the bridge will provide a rehabilitated traffic route allowing various modes of transport including heavy vehicles. Extensive consultation has been undertaken with key stakeholders to ensure requirements for the project are met and ensure continuous flow of traffic for the adjoining communities.




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