Asset and Spatial Management for Regional Councils

1 September 2015

Tonkin Consulting provides its local government clients with a unique service that enables Councils to meet their legislative and compliance obligations for asset management and asset accounting. Tonkin Consulting provides this asset and spatial management service to over 25 Councils in South Australia.

In 2003 Tonkin Consulting developed a methodology for road asset register development using mobile spatial technology. At the same time, Tonkin Consulting developed the Road Surface Manager (RSM) software together with Conquest Solutions to deliver a complete asset service offering to South Australian Councils using the Conquest III asset management system.

In 2004 Tonkin Consulting established hosted software and data services to enable a collaborative environment for Council staff and Tonkin Consulting staff to develop asset management systems. To date, 36% of the state’s local government road network is successfully managed in this secure hosted web environment.

Tonkin Consulting has recently been working to apply our asset management methodology to other road network authorities, private road network operators, water utilities and a range of other facility managers.

For more information, contact Rod Ellis, Program Manager Local Government Regional on 08 8273 3100 or

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