Garden Island Landfill Rehabilitation Completed

4 November 2015

The Garden Island Landfill Closure & Rehabilitation project has been a collaborative effort between the Western Region Waste Management Authority, Contractors Leed Engineering & Construction and McMahon Services and Tonkin Consulting as technical advisor, designer and Superintendent.

Garden Island is part of the estuarine system formed by the Port Adelaide River and Barker Inlet. The landfill occupies 54 hectares of the island’s 150 hectares and prior to its closure in 2000, served the domestic waste disposal needs for almost half of Adelaide.  It is the largest landfill cap completed to date in South Australia. 

The landfill uses a perimeter Gas Collection System (GCS) to extract and safely combust landfill gas using appropriate flaring technology by Australian company Biogas Systems – the first time this technology is being employed in Australia.  Responsibility for the site reverted to Renewal SA in September 2015 after an official ceremony.

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