Hargrave Street Stormwater Pump Station Officially Opens

4 November 2015

Tonkin Consulting has assisted the City of Port Adelaide Enfield over the past decade with initial planning and then staged implementation of major capacity upgrades to the stormwater drainage system in the Peterhead area. These works address historical flooding issues and aim to reduce the occurrence and severity of these events. The final stage of these upgrades required a major new pump station at Hargrave Street in Peterhead.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield appointed Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd to construct the Hargrave Street Pump Station, with Tonkin Consulting undertaking the detailed design.  We have also supported the City with ongoing technical input to the construction and commissioning phase.  

The pump station is located off Victoria Road, Peterhead and is designed to improve the stormwater drainage network in order to minimise flooding of streets and properties in the Peterhead, Birkenhead and Largs Bay area into the future.

Construction of the pump station was completed in June 2015 followed by commissioning and testing of pumps and control systems.  The pump station was officially declared operational on 9 October 2015.  Seven news was there to cover the story - watch our Rene Arens (Principal Engineer from Tonkin Consulting) talking about the project.

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