Helping the City of Darwin with strategic planning for CBD Parking

13 June 2018

Tonkin Consulting has been awarded a contract by the NT Government to undertake a further Parking Study for the Darwin CBD .

The provision of adequate, safe and convenient parking is fundamental to Darwin’s commercial development and investment. While the city has good rates of cycling and walking for commuting to and from the CBD, it also relies heavily on private vehicle usage due to the seasonal climatic conditions.

The NT Government is seeking to transform the Darwin CBD, with a focus on greening and cooling initiatives. This has revived focus on the overall car parking provision in the city centre. Our task is to understand the role of parking in encouraging or stifling development activity, as well as how parking should be considered from an overall urban design perspective, with particular regard to greening and cooling initiatives.

Having previously prepared the CBD Parking Strategy for the City of Darwin Council (2011-2012), we bring an unparalleled understanding of the Darwin parking landscape to the project. And since undertaking the previous CBD Parking Strategy, we have also undertaken comprehensive additional parking surveys (in 2014) to monitor actual on and off street parking demands.

The project needs to investigate options and best practice in the effective management of current and future parking facilities.  Consideration will need to be given to technological advances, and opportunities for behaviour and cultural change. All in the context of providing opportunity for green and cooling initiatives.

Importantly, the project will be undertaken in collaboration between the NT Government and City of Darwin Council, recognising both authorities have vested interests and responsibilities in managing car parking and the future form of the City.

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