New Faces

30 March 2016

Tonkin Consulting is pleased to welcome Lyndon and Jon to their Environment and Waste Management Team. 

Lyndon is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience.  He has conducted geotechnical investigations for buildings, dams, landfills, waste dumps and tailings storages, landslide risk and stability management, earthworks construction and wind farms.  As a specialist advisor he has extensive experience dealing with hazard management around to shorelines, riverbanks, railway corridors and highway routes. 

Jon is a senior environmental professional with 18 years’ experience working across a broad spectrum of environmental, energy and waste industries. His relevant experience includes more than six years in senior technical and strategic management roles with one of Australia’s most prominent landfill gas (LFG) specialists. In his senior industry  roles  Jon  has  managed  LFG  system  design  and  operation,  authored  construction  QCA  and  operating  manuals  and implemented an integrated management system to control operations across more than 35 LFG projects.  Jon also has extensive experience in contract review and project development including responsibility for project planning and regulatory approvals for LFG projects and oversight of the implementation of carbon and energy markets compliance obligations.

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