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North South Interconnection System Project

SA Water Corporation

North South Interconnection System Project

SA Water Corporation

Augmentation of Adelaide’s water supply

North South Interconnection System Project

This project forms part of SA Water’s long term vision of providing water security to metropolitan Adelaide and enables maximum benefit and flexibility to be obtained from the recently constructed Adelaide Desalination Plant.  This is achieved by bulk water transfer through the existing Metropolitan Adelaide Distribution Network between various traditionally separate supply zones.  This capacity and flexibility allows SA Water to optimise the management of water resources and major assets.

The project infrastructure requirements were developed to address demand growth through to 2050, drought and contingency scenarios.  Initially the project involved extensive options development and assessment, as there were significant stakeholder, operations and community challenges.

Tonkin Consulting was one of three consultants which made up the WaterLink Joint Venture team, undertaking the concept and detailed design for the project, as well as a wide range of other services.

Due to the significant complexities of the project, the Waterlink design team was brought in by SA Water in the latter part of the feasibility study and options development phase of the project.  Waterlink, SA Water and other key stakeholders worked together as an integrated team throughout the development, concept, detailed design, construction and commissioning phases of the project. A large team of 100+ staff were mobilised by Waterlink during the height of the design phase in order to meet the challenging project schedule.

Tonkin Consulting provided key engineering and technical staff to the project team, primarily in the areas of:

  • Design management
  • Hydraulic modelling and planning
  • Civil engineering
  • Design drafting
  • Technical Details

The infrastructure delivered under this project for a total budget of $400M included:

  • 3 large pump stations (ranging from 650L/s to 1700L/s capacity)
  • 4 large diameter steel pipelines (ranging from 600-1000mm diameter) within built-up areas, approximately 30km in total length; and
  • Numerous ancillary works including a mini-hydroelectric generation facility, connection pipework, large control valve stations and monitoring and control facilities throughout Adelaide.

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