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Water Sensitive Urban Design Western Adelaide

Water Sensitive Urban Design Western Adelaide

Water Sensitive Urban Design Elements

Western Adelaide

Selected residential streets in Cowandilla and Mile End required stormwater upgrades. A few roads with a relatively flat grade were not currently serviced by an underground drainage network. Council sought a drainage solution that allowed for partial road reconstruction while incorporating water sensitive urban design features in the form of ‘rain gardens’.

Tonkin Consulting provided concept and detailed design for the road reconstruction, stormwater drainage and rain gardens and construction supervision.

The designs incorporated approximately 100m of road and 500m of stormwater drain to be reconstructed. The catchment and drainage network was modelled in DRAINS to determine the capacity of the new underground collection system. Modelling found the capacity of the new drain was constrained by the diameter and depth of the existing connection point.

Rain garden designs offer the following benefits.

  • Improve the overall aesthetics of the streetscape.
  • Reduce the concentration of contaminants in stormwater — pollutants are retained in the soil or absorbed by the vegetation
  • They detain water during moderate rain events to mitigate the peak flow.
  • The impact of street parking is minimised as they are placed at existing speed ramps.

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