With the emphasis on environmental awareness increasing, Tonkin can be relied upon to protect natural assets through progressive measures.

At Tonkin, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s an ethos we live by, knowing that decisions we make now have a profound effect on generations to come. Our team of experienced environmental scientists and engineers is skilled at anticipating environmental demands and changes. We draw on a range of professionals for an integrated approach to environmental management.

At Tonkin we offer:

  • Environmental impact assessments and approvals for mining, agriculture and linear infrastructure projects
  • In-house soil and water science specialists who can perform site baseline assessments, ongoing monitoring and impact assessments
  • Contamination assessment and remediation
  • Climate change impact assessments and strategies for climate resilience and sustainability
  • Floodplain and wetland management investigations
  • Wetland, stormwater reuse system and water sensitive urban design
  • Water cycle management and integrated water resource modelling
  • Salinity and Acid Sulphate Soil management schemes.

Tonkin exercises great care when dealing with disturbances to our natural resources and environment. We are committed to ensuring statutory obligations and sustainable objectives are met.

Our expertise within the environmental sector