Contaminated Land

Contaminated land can have a significant effect on economic and infrastructure planning for communities. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide services in the effective treatment and management of contaminated land to ensure that sites can be reused.

At Tonkin Consulting, our team of expert engineers, environmental scientists and technicians are skilled in providing environmental solutions and the effective management of contaminated land.

We are experienced and regularly conduct contamination assessments on soil, groundwater and other contaminated media. At Tonkin Consulting, we have developed an understanding of the regulatory environment and requirements of preliminary site assessments, detailed site assessment, risk assessment and management. We work alongside clients and statutory auditors to provide innovative solutions when assessing and investigating treatment and reuse opportunities.

Our Capabilities

  • Site Contamination Assessment and Remediation Strategy Services
    • Site assessment
    • Soil and groundwater investigations
    • Remediation strategy and supervision
    • Soil and erosion control plans
    • Contaminated land auditor and regulator liaison
    • Land transfer and due diligence support
  • Site compliance management and permitting Salinity, Acid Sulfate Soils and Acid Rock Drainage Management
    • Condition monitoring
    • Sampling
    • Characterisation
    • Geochemical assessment
    • Management plans and engineering control strategies

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