Water Supply and Treatment

Providing effective treatment and distribution systems is fundamental for the provision of clean water to communities. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide leading services in water treatment and distribution, delivering solutions from residential infrastructure through to communities and farming irrigation.

We have a multi-disciplinary team consisting of engineers, scientists and technicians that are highly skilled in delivering water treatment and supply solutions. Our team ensure that “whole of life” costs are considered in the design and application of new systems. We ensure the delivery of infrastructure solutions that meet the needs of the client and community, while leaving a positive impact on the environment.

We offer services that include the design and construction of new systems, as well as upgrading existing systems. At Tonkin Consulting, we provide a collaborative approach on each project and are capable of balancing multiple and at times, competing objectives throughout the project lifecycle. We ensure that we are continuously applying new technologies to our services to ensure our clients are provided with innovative solutions. 

Our Capabilities

  • Irrigation management plan development and implementation
  • Water supply planning and design
  • Pipeline and pumping system modelling and design
  • Off-farm irrigation system planning and design
  • Pipeline pumping system modelling and design
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Water reuse planning and design

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