Asset Management

Tonkin offers asset, spatial and strategic asset management services. The foundation of our approach is spatial digitisation to create an asset register that reveals the cost and timing of renewal at all times at a segment level.

When work is undertaken on an asset, the cost of work and condition as a result of the work is logged annually through capital work updates. At any point in time, a forecast renewal plan can be produced. Our approach can be tailored to manage all infrastructure assets including roads, community wastewater management systems, stormwater, buildings, recreation and fleet.

Our Capabilities

  • Asset register development
  • Digitisation of pipe and road networks
  • Service level determination, unit rate reviews and valuations
  • Capital works management and annual updates
  • Specialist database skills to integrate asset and property data for map views and to keep software up to date
  • Annual depreciation reporting
  • On-site meetings, training and over the phone assistance
  • 20-year forecast road renewal plans based on funding scenarios
  • Provision of experts for presentations and awareness-raising of core issues related to asset management with senior staff and elected members
  • Treatment selection advice and specification