Meet Ian

A senior member of Tonkin’s civil drafting team, Ian Harvey’s fun approach to work, combined with ability to deliver exceptional project outcomes has made him a popular and integral member of our Adelaide office.

Ian, who is originally from Canada, initially worked in hospitality when he arrived in Australia more than 15 years ago. While he wasn’t quite sure about what direction he wanted his career to take long-term, when he learned about drafting as a career option, Ian thought it would align well with his technical skills and interests. He enrolled to study a Diploma of Civil Drafting and Design the very next week. 

After initially joining Tonkin in 2017 early in his civil drafting and designing career, Ian has progressed into a senior role and has also taken part in Tonkin’s Leadership Development Program.


“I came into Tonkin as a designer in training with a few years of CAD experience, and since then I’ve become a senior in the field, and I’m now leading the development of our early career staff.”

“I really enjoy the work I do.  I like the people I work with and the variety of different types of jobs I get to work on. It feels good to help our next generation of designers and drafters with their professional development. I have a sizable group of young technical staff who often look up to me to guide them in the right way.”

“It feels great to deliver the projects I’m working on. I like residential land developments especially, because you get to do everything; design earthworks, roads and utility services, and you play a role in helping develop a bare patch of land into a thriving community.”

The Tonkin difference

When we asked what he values in a workplace, it was clear that people and workplace culture are important to Ian:

“What I value most in the workplace is the people I work with. I’ve worked with lots of people over the last 11 years at different companies, and I really value the people at Tonkin."

“The care that comes from our CEO and the leadership team down to the rest of the staff - they genuinely care about every team member who works here and they work hard to ensure that everyone’s not only happy, but engaged."

“Working at Tonkin has a lot of benefits that people may not realise straight away, especially if they’ve been working at similar consultancies. The feeling that you get working with people here, the level of professionalism, yet light-heartedness - within a month or so of being here, so soon realise that Tonkin isn’t like other consultancies.”

Work-life balance

Supporting our team members to tailor their work arrangements to help deliver their best results is a key part of the way we work at Tonkin. We asked Ian why flexible working arrangements are important to him:

“The work-life balance at Tonkin is really suits me. As a parent it’s important that I get to spend a lot of quality time with my family, and Tonkin gives me the flexibility to do that, both through flexible hours and working from home."

Creating connections at work

We know people perform at their best when they enjoy coming to work. That’s why at Tonkin we have aim to deliver exceptional outcomes, and have fun at the same time. We asked Ian if he thinks Tonkin is a fun place to work: 

“I think Tonkin is a very fun place to work. Between the social activities provided by our social club, the table tennis table and Nintendo Switch in our office hub and the light-heartedness of our office atmosphere, it allows us to have a bit of fun at work.”

With a strong pipeline of projects, Tonkin is always on the lookout for designers and drafters who would like to join our teams, particularly in our Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast offices. We asked Ian what type of person would be a good fit for Tonkin:

“People who are driven, who have ambition and motivation. Innovative thinkers who like to be challenged. When it comes to drafters and designers, we look for people who can visualize in 3D in their head, who have a good repertoire of technical skills on the computer, and have good spatial thinking capability. Right now, there’s a lot of scope for people to join and adapt their role to how they like to work.”


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