Water Resource Management

Tonkin preserves and manages water through innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. We undertake careful planning and investigation in order to optimise the “whole of life” cycle costs for the system.

Our team works closely with clients in scoping and implementation of planning studies and investigations. Tonkin adopts a partnership approach with clients to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders. We consider design, construction and operational issues associated with systems design through the undertaking of planning studies and investigations. 

Our Capabilities

  • Strategic water resource planning
  • Reservoir system modelling and operational planning
  • Water cycle management and integrated water resource modelling
  • Floodplain and wetland management investigations
    • Concept planning and detailed design of wetland management and water delivery infrastructure for a variety of applications including:
    • Environmental flow
    • Flood and salinity management
    • Water supply for environmental, irrigation and domestic use
  • Salinity management schemes
    • Concept planning, hydraulic modelling, detailed design and construction support
    • Disposal pipeline route selection
  • Spatial systems, floodplain construction and acid sulphate soil management