Maritime, Ports & Coastal Environments

Tonkin understands that maritime and port infrastructure forms a vital link in the transport chain, particularly for freight movements.

We have also been involved with the design and construction of ports, boat ramps, berthing facilities, marinas, jetties and wharves, breakwaters and seawalls and other recreational, passenger and freight infrastructure. To support this design. our skilled engineers and scientists are well versed in modelling of coastal processes, rising sea levels and climate change.

Our Capabilities

  • Modelling coastal processes, sea level rise and climate change
  • Design of breakwaters, sea walls and other sea defence structures
  • Design of marina developments, for all vessel types including houseboats
  • Design of boat ramps and recreational fishing facilities
  • Design of port berthing facilities, including heavy duty pavement designs and other associated infrastructure upgrades
  • Design of modern ferry terminal facilities
  • Design and maintenance of jetties and wharves
  • Dredging management plans.